Caring for Aquarium Turtle Tips

Caring for aquarium turtles can be tough. Here’s 5 tips to help out:

  1. Clean water is a must! Probably THE single most important aspect of turtle care is clean water. Never let the water become too dirty as your turtle spends a lot of time in it and can easily become ill from poor quality water. Just remember this rhyme – “The solution to pollution is dilution”
  2. Make sure your turtle has enough room! Turtles grow incredibly quickly and it’s quite common for some species (such as red eared sliders) to grow to 30cm (12 inches) in length or more. For this reason the larger the aquarium, the better as it will keep your turtle happy and save you money in the long run.
  3. What are you turtles needs? Every turtle is different, come like nice calm water with plenty of land area for basking, others prefer moving water and do not need much land. It’s very important to know exactly what conditions keep your turtle happy because a happy turtle is a healthy turtle.
  4. Get the right aquarium temperature. Did you know that most turtle illnesses are caused by poor water quality or incorrect aquarium temperatures? It’s true and just a few degrees of different in water temperature can make the difference between a healthy turtle and an unhealthy one.
  5. Understand your turtles behavior! Like all animals, turtles cannot talk. However, this doesn’t mean they cannot communicate with you. There are some very tell-tale signs that turtles give both for when they are happy and when they are unhappy. If you understand what your turtle is trying to tell you it can save you money and save your turtles life.

The Turtle Guide Book covers all of this and a lot more. If you are not sure what kind of needs your turtle has, how large it will grow, what temperature suits it best or anything else about keeping your turtle healthy then you should get this book.
Caring for Turtles

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