Dietary Food Supplements for Pet Turtles| Calcium

Calcium is also very important for maintaining a healthy shell – especially when your turtle is still growing. There are various ways you can add calcium to your turtles diet:

1) Cuttlefish
A common treat for pet birds such as budgerigars, cuttlefish can also be fed to turtles to increase their calcium intake. Simply break a small part of the cuttlefish off and place it in the aquarium. Your turtle will nibble on it as and when it feels like it.

2) Ground Eggshells
Another way to add some extra calcium to the diet is to add ground eggshells amongst the normal food you feed your turtle.
Ensure that the eggshells are well ground though, any large pieces of eggshell can be sharp and cause your turtle an injury.

3) Special Pet Store Preparations
Most good pet stores stock a special preparation of calcium which can be fed easily to turtles. If you do not see anything suitable on the shelf ask a member of staff. Note: Bananas, tomatoes and peaches are all high in phosphorus which can cause MBD (rickets) and weaken the turtles shell if consumed in large quantities. A good balance of calcium to phosphorus in a turtles diet is between 3:1 and 5:1. When feeding your turtle foods high in phosphorus you should add some calcium too to create the right balance.
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Dietary Food Supplements for Pet Turtles

Dietary Food Supplements for Pet Turtles| Calcium

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