Don’t Buy Endangered or Otherwise Illegal Turtles

Caring for turtles starts with buying them from the right source.  That means no endangered or otherwise illegal turtles!  You’ll probably get caught, like the custom seizure detailed below.  And, you may have to pay a fine that could be expensive.  Plus it’s just plain bad karma.

Thai customs found over 450 turtles hidden in luggage from an airplane from Bangladesh.

Turtles of varying sizes worth around 2,000 baht apiece in Thai markets were found in small bags packed into suitcases.  The bust comes post  a tip received by Thai police that a known animal trafficker was on an airplane headed to Thailand.
Caring for Turtles
The alleged trafficker, a Bangladeshi national, did not collect the luggage and fled on arrival in Bangkok, customs officials said.

Prasong Poontaneat, director-general of Thailand’s customs department, said it was likely the turtles were destined for Bangkok’s Chatujak Market, a sprawling mass of 11,000 stalls and shops that has a dedicated pet section where endangered species are sometimes sold.

The Bangkok market, open on weekends only, is estimated to generate 1 billion baht ($33 million) in revenue per month.  Roughly 350,000 foreign and local shoppers visit the market each month, according to the State Railway of Thailand, which owns the land.

The discovery was the biggest since September of 2010, when over 1,100 turtles were found by customs in one day.


Don’t Buy Endangered or Otherwise Illegal Turtles

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