How Much To Feed Pet Turtles| How Many Turtle Feeding Times Per Day

Young freshwater turtles will need feeding one or two times daily whereas adult turtles only need to be fed every other day. Whenever you feed a turtle you should only give it half the amount of food it can eat in one meal.

To establish how much this is you can let your turtle go without any food for two days (one day for young turtles) and then weigh or measure a good amount of its favorite food.

Feed the turtle until its first eagerness subsides and it starts to become more selective or slow in its eating. Stop feeding and work out how much it ate and then feed half of this amount in future.

To determine if you are feeding your turtle the correct amount you should weigh it regularly and record its weight on a chart. Young turtles will be growing and should become heavier in proportion to their size. Adult turtles whose growth is either very slow or complete should be maintaining their weight.

If your adult turtle loses a significant amount of weight you should increase the amount or frequency of its feeding, if it gains weight then you should reduce the amount or frequency of feeding. Excessive weight loss can also be a sign of illness, if in doubt take get it checked out by your vet.

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How Much To Feed Pet Turtles| How Many Turtle Feeding Times Per Day

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