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Caring for Turtles
My turtle had a little accident today, in his eagerness to get to the food I was placing in his tank he fell off the rock he uses to bask in the light.

Don’t worry he is ok, but it got me thinking, if he had cracked his shell would I have known what to do? Of course I would have taken him straight to the vet but could I have done something to help him before I got him there?

Thankfully, last week I bought a turtle book that comes with an ‘emergency first aid for turtles’ guide. So, I checked in there and sure enough it gives a step by step guide for dealing with this type of injury and many more.

In case you are wondering the guide is called the Turtle Guide Book and the main guide is packed with information about how to care for your turtle properly and give it the life it deserves.

You can check the guide out here

As well as the first aid bonus guide it comes with it also has a guide on how to get rid of algae in turtle aquariums…..pretty much a life saver!

The guide is great value for money and comes with a full money-back guarantee in the unlikely event you don’t find it as great as I did. At the moment they are running a limited time special offer where you can get all three of the guides for just $18.45.

If you are not sure that you could save your turtles life or if you just want to learn more about giving your turtle the care it needs I recommend you grab the guide while the price is still so low. I have heard a rumour it will be going up in price in the next week or two so better act quick!

You can get the guide from here

I hope you find it as useful as I have!

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