The Mirage Hotel Aquarium is Neat. There’s Even Turtles

The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas has been a Strip favorite for many years. There is quite a lot that the Mirage Hotel has to offer and the hotel never fails to entertain its guests. My favorite Mirage attraction in their huge aquarium, which is worth the cost of Las Vegas flights just to see.

The aquarium is present behind the front desk at the Mirage Hotel. The original intent of the aquarium was to help calm the nerves of anyone waiting in line to check-in. However, a lot more than just people checking into the hotel stop to check it out.

Mirage Aquarium in Las Vegas

A variety of exotic sea creatures including angelfish, puffer fish, tangs and even turtles are housed in the huge saltwater aquarium. Quite an exotic scene is offered by the Mirage Hotel aquarium, which is now considered the world’s most technically advance aquarium, especially after being renovated and transformed within a two month period.

The astonishing undersea scenery that is boasted by the Mirage Hotel aquarium was created thanks to the collaboration between the some of the topmost professional aquarium designers. The windows of the aquarium are constructed of 4 inch thick acrylic, housing other exotic marine organisms such as eels, gobies, puffer fish, sea bass, sharks and stings rays within it.

New artificial corals and almost thousand specimens are ideally supported in the aquarium and the visibility of aquarium is improved by the highly sophisticated filtration and life support systems fitted into it. Some of the most beautiful and colorful artificial corals from the tropical locations, like the Great Barrier Reef at Australia, are also housed in this twenty thousand gallon aquarium. The previous reef system was donated to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum by The Mirage, signifying how concerned they are about the protection of the environment. Any of the guests who decide to stay at the Mirage Hotel and in search of the Mirage Lobby Aquarium, simply need to look directly behind the front desk. The in-house aquarists are the ones managing the aquarium. Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Marshall Islands, the Red Sea, the Sea of Cortez and Tonga, are some of the regions where the sixty species and the thousand coral reefs accommodated in the aquarium, have been gathered from. The fact that the sea animals in the aquarium easily adapt to the environment and are compatible with various species, allowed the Mirage Hotel to have such a gigantic aquarium created.

The length of the aquarium is fifty three feet, its height is eight feet and its length is six feet, while it is a known fact of how technologically advanced and extravagant it is. Thus for the travelers that arrive to Vegas in Las Vegas flights and opt to stay at the Mirage Hotel, they should definitely not miss out checking out the Mirage Hotel aquarium.

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