What To Feed Pet Turtles to Keep Turtle Healthy

Just like humans, a turtle will always like certain foods more than others. However, the food it likes the most will not necessarily be the food that is best for it. A turtle needs a varied, nutritious diet to live a healthy life.

Your first step is to establish whether your turtle eats meat, vegetation, or both. The turtles profiles section of this guide will help you establish the diet your turtle needs. If your turtle is aquatic or semi-aquatic you should always feed it in the water. Turtles are very messy eaters so in order to maintain water quality, it is recommended that you feed your turtle in a separate aquarium to its main living quarters.

Commercial Turtle Food
One way to ensure your turtle receives a balanced diet is to feed it one of the several commercial dried turtle foods that are available from your local pet store or online on this site. The dried food should never make up all of your turtles diet but it can for a good base to the diet. Depending on the size of your turtle you may need to break some of it up (especially vegetable pellets) in to smaller pieces to allow your turtle to eat it. The advantage of commercial dried turtle food is that it usually floats on the water’s surface. This means you can easily scoop out any left-over’s to avoid polluting the aquarium.

Meat should never be the only part of your turtles diet, however it is a very tasty treat and helps to provide a varied diet.
You should stick to low fat meat where possible such as chicken, heart, reduced or fat-free ground beef or pork, and small fish such as shrimps, guppies and even filleted chunks of trout. Ensure that any meat is small enough for your turtle to eat whole or easy to tear apart. Your turtle may also enjoy water snails which you can breed in a separate aquarium and feed to your turtle for the occasional treat. Earthworms dug up from your garden can also be a tasty treat for most turtles.

Plants and Vegetables

Turtles will eat a wide range of plants which is why if you place plants within the aquarium they will often become uprooted and eaten. Some of the plants your turtle will eat include herbs such as parsley, lemon balm, and basil.
Your turtle will also eat certain vegetables such as green beans, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts and carrots. Some fruits can also be fed to turtles such as pears, apples, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and bananas. To establish which vegetation your turtle will eat simply try a small piece of the vegetation – if your turtle likes it will eat it and you can give it some more.

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What To Feed Pet Turtles to Keep Turtle Healthy

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